Summer and Groups

As you know in the Hostels of the Public Network you can not book. We as an association welcome groups, the summer months (July and August), at the Sports Center of IES A Xunqueira I.

In the sports center we put mattresses (not mats) and we have showers of hot and cold water, for boys and girls. The economic contribution is € 4.00 per pilgrim.

It is possible to install kitchens and support cars outside the Sports Center. They should also know that if there is any sports activity, although it is not a municipal pavilion, there may always be some competition and especially training of a group of the IES. They must wait until they finish.

It is possible that there could be more groups that day in the pavilion and if necessary it would use the pavilion that is right next to it.

If you decide to stay at the Sports Center, it is essential to fill in the form below, on this page

To facilitate payment for accommodation in the pavilion, we offer two payment methods:

  • Cash.
  • By transfer.

If they decide for the cash payment, this must be done in the Virxe Peregrina Hostel in Pontevedra (see section: “The Hostel“, to know its location). There, the group leader will cover the file and make the payment. (It is convenient that the person in charge arrive before the Shelter, between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., to make the registration and contact the person in charge of the groups, and agree between them one hour of arrival of the group to the Pavilion. )

If your decision is to pay by transfer, you must make it in the following account:

IBAN: ES03 2080 5407 2330 4010 9344

In the case of payment by transfer, it is not necessary to go through the Hostel, as long as they send by email a copy of the receipt of the transfer and a list of the components of the group, with name, surnames and ID number. It is also necessary that the person in charge of the group contacts the person in charge of the groups, so that he / she can indicate to the latter one hour of approximate hour of arrival of the group to the pavilion.

The address of the Polideportivo is as follows:

Albergue provisional del IES A Xunqueira I ; Rua Alexandre Bóveda- 36005 Pontevedra


How to get to the Polideportivo, from the Virxe Peregrina Hostel of Pontevedra on foot:

How to get to the Polideportivo, from the Virxe Peregrina Hostel of Pontevedra by vehicle:

Correct way to enter the Sports Center. In blue (on foot), in yellow (in vehicle)

Summer Groups Form

This is the form that must be filled by all the groups that wish to stay at the Sports Center IES A Xunqueira I, during the summer:

Note: Once this form is covered, at that moment, it is possible to modify it. Once sent, if they were wrong, please do not send a new form, please contact us through the contact page of this website.