The Hostel

The Pilgrims’ Hostel of Pontevedra was put into operation on August 11, 1999 – Holy Year, being taken over by the Association of Friends of the Portuguese Way to Santiago, through a collaboration agreement between the Association and the Society of Xestión del Xacobeo. The Friends of the Road had already been performing the role of hospitaleros in the Park and Workshops of Pontevedra, given free of charge by the Spanish Army, for the reception of pilgrims during the Xacobeo’99, with a capacity of 200 beds.



The Hostel is newly built, being the Pontevedra architect D. Ricardo Aguilar Argenti responsible for the project, who did not hesitate to ask the Friends of the Road to help him carry out the project.

It has a bedroom with 56 beds, bathrooms with showers for women and men, bathrooms for the disabled (women and men), living room, dining room, kitchen, storage, laundry and exhibition hall.

An image of the Pilgrim Virgin donated by the Friends of the Way presides over the entrance to the lodge.

Initially a small building had been built to house the stables but it could not be used as such for legal imperative, so today it is being used as a warehouse.

Outside there is a bronze figure of the sculptor J.M. Acuña, chosen by the Friends of the Way that represents the hospitality of the city of Pontevedra, “gives drink to what happens …”

The Hostel is a building that is framed within a Galician style and inside it has large spaces with arches that communicate them remembering a medieval inn. It is made of noble materials (stone, tile of the country and wood) and presents some characteristics of structure and functionality that facilitate the reception of pilgrims who are mostly tired of the Camino in addition, the elimination of architectural barriers facilitates the arrival of disabled pilgrims. The urbanization of the plot was a great contribution to the city since in the first place an area that was very abandoned was improved and secondly with the construction of a stone wall the Otero Pedrayo street was extended providing it with sidewalks, lighting, sewer and other services.

The Friends of the Way attend with care and enthusiasm this Hostel and give it a homely feel that the pilgrims appreciate.

Rules for the use of the “Virxe Peregrina” Hostel in Pontevedra:

  1. In order of personal arrival; the presentation will not be valid for another / s that would arrive / n later). Available up to 56 seats.
  2. Telephone reservations are not allowed; taking note of such calls, notifying the caller of the 1st rule as the principal of registration.
  3. The accreditation of each one will be required for its previous registration; the ID or Passport and the Credential, this one with a stamp, at least from the previous step. They could access the bedroom or bathrooms, leaving for registration both documents, to be removed later. If the pilgrim came only to take a shower and rest, a € 1 donation will be charged.
  4. The lodging will be only for one night; having to vacate the enclosure before 8 the next morning (could be allowed one more night, due to injury or illness).
  5. Bicycles must be left outside the building; If for special reasons it is necessary to leave them at the reception, the financial contribution for each one will be submitted for consideration, to help the greater cost for cleaning that will occur.
  6. About 15 min. before the hostel closes; the pilgrims admitted for their rest will be inside and the broom cars will be outside the premises.
  7. Bunk beds will be given in order of arrival; the bunk number will be assigned in strict order, leaving the possibility that among the pilgrims can be changed, prior notice to the hospitalist.
  8. Pilgrims are reminded that the closing hours of the Hostel are at 10 pm and the departure time in the morning is at 8 am. You are also advised that they should pick up the sheet they used and deposit it in the bin before leaving.
  9. This hostel has a night watchman who begins his service at 10 pm.

Rules for the use of the Network of Hostels – Xunta de Galicia:


The order of priority for the occupation of the shelters will be the one established below:

  1. Pilgrims with physical limitations.
  2. The pilgrims on foot
  3. The pilgrims on horseback.
  4. The pilgrims by bicycle.
  5. People traveling with support cars.

Las plazas se ocuparán al llegar los peregrinos a los albergues, sin que en ningún caso se admita la posibilidad de realizar reservas. 

Use and use:

The use of the hostel to spend the night and / or the use of any of its services and facilities, will imply the payment of € 6.00 per person and day, which will be justified with the bonus that will be delivered by the person in charge of the hostel in the time of payment

Behavior Standards:

The use by pilgrims of the facilities of the aforementioned shelters will be subject to compliance with the following conditions:

  1. The stay in each hostel will be one night, except in case of illness or other force majeure.
  2. The hostel door will close at 10 pm.
  3. Hostels must be abandoned before 8:00 am in the morning.
  4. To respect the rest, the lights will go out at 10 pm, with the exception of the common areas.
  5. Users must take care of the facilities with due diligence, leaving them neat, clean and, therefore, collecting and depositing the garbage in the containers.
  6. Water and light cannot be wasted.
  7. To dry the clothes, only the tenales found in the South garden behind the warehouse will be used.

Failure to comply with the aforementioned duties, as well as any conduct likely to be considered as disruptive of the proper functioning of the shelters, will empower those responsible to force offenders to abandon them, without prejudice to the existence of responsibilities, including the prohibition of use from any other network hostel.


  • Bed with disposable bedding
  • Use of the kitchen (without utensils)
  • Shower (with hot water)
  • Washer and dryer.